Hello and welcome on in to my virtual home! Here you’ll find my thoughts and ponderings on life, things that give me inspiration and thoughts that just inspire everyday life! My life will be interwoven through the pages of the blog and I hope that you find encouragement and inspiration for your life through it as well!

Life for me is body, soul and spirit and we need to nourish all three. I love God and I’m always wanting to know God more! I’m passionate about helping people realize their potential in God and equipping them to fulfill their God-given purpose and follow their dreams.

My home church is The Upper Room Newmarket where my husband is Executive Pastor. I absolutely love our Church and worshipping there. It’s based in the beautiful city of Auckland, New Zealand.

I have 4 boys who are a delight but certainly make for a busy life! Our youngest arrived with an extra chromosome and has already taught me so much about life, love and joy.

This blog is my timeout – time to think, reflect, refresh my soul, a virtual journal for my thoughts.

Cheerio for now!



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, I really liked the picture of Good Friday where you attached the hymn for When I survey the woundrous cross. I am just wondering whether I can use your picture to produce gospel pens for evangelism purpose for Japan. The pens are sold at nearly cost price to encourage and help churches to reach the Japanese. Appreciate your reply.

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