The Sound of Silence – {Advent}

Silence can sometimes be deafening. The absence of noise. Sometimes it is exiting a room full of noise into the quiet that it hits you. You are more aware of the quiet, of the silence. Walking out of a happy and chatty classroom this morning and reaching the quiet of my car the silence was distinct… Continue reading The Sound of Silence – {Advent}

Life Lessons

I’m making a list…

I love lists! Christmas Lists especially! But actually lists of things to do, shopping lists, books to read, dreams to achieve...Lists work for me. I can tick them off, monitor progress, set a target for the day, month or year. Getting to the end of a day in the office with everything crossed off the to… Continue reading I’m making a list…

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Traffic jams and a lesson in patience

Today, waiting at an intersection while an endless stream of cars passed by, all eating into precious time for getting to swimming lessons, I caught myself sighing and then definitely frowning. Well actually my boys caught me frowning. I was unashamedly impatient. In that moment, a song then came to mind. A song from my childhood,… Continue reading Traffic jams and a lesson in patience

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Beautiful Weeds

As we turned into our driveway, it seemed that my son and I noticed the length of the lawn at the same time. We had two very different reactions though. Mine was the obvious one - make mental note to talk to hubby about mowing the lawns! My 6 year old's was to shout gleefully… Continue reading Beautiful Weeds