Life Lessons


My sister recently went to see a Specialist to have grommets inserted in her ear. Sounds ghastly and painful to me. Requires a specialist and anesthetic. Of everything else involved I am rather ignorant, so fortunately you will be spared the details. The one thing I do know of this event is that visiting a Specialist… Continue reading Legacy

Life Lessons

The Hand of God

It was I thought just a simple act of kindness and generosity on my behalf, for a friend's 4 year old daughter. Nothing significant. But as it turns out it there was more to it. God had purposed me and Heaven breathed on us. You see many years ago I had bought a beautiful Madeline rag doll. Having loved the Madeline books, I… Continue reading The Hand of God

Life Lessons

The Carpet Bag

Who could forget Mary Poppins' carpet bag? If you've ever seen the movie, the carpet bag is quite synonymous with the arrival of Mary Poppins to the Banks' house.  And despite its limited size (which actually was rather capacious) it was able to contain all manner of large items from a mirror to a pot plant… Continue reading The Carpet Bag

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Unexpected. I like that word. It makes me think of surprises, blessings, joy. So much of our lives is planned and purposed, but there should always be room for the unexpected. Last night my husband and I had an unexpected night out without the kids. Children had ended up going in different directions to stay… Continue reading Unexpected