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The Colours of Winter

If I could be permitted to generalise about Winter, I'd say it's barren. Nothing compared to Spring for sure. Trees bare of leaves, gardens bereft of colour. Or so I thought. Venturing out to my garden between rain showers I discovered in a little corner a burst of colour. Some fiesty toadstools had taken occupation.… Continue reading The Colours of Winter

Life Lessons


  Sometimes life is just plan tough, and exhausting and stressful. Even a day off to see a movie became arduous as a migraine pounded (payback for the midday movie perhaps?!). It was easy to feel lost in the mountain of laundry or overwhelmed by the length of the to-do list not to mention the email inbox!… Continue reading Let…

Life Lessons

The Candy Man

No School Gala day is complete without the Candyfloss stand. Beautifully spun sugar on a stick, softly coloured pink and giving you the feeling you are eating a raspberry flavoured cloud. All sweetness and light! Attending the boys' school fair I diligently queued for the freshly spun cotton candy for my 7 year old. Surprisingly… Continue reading The Candy Man