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Sometimes in life you find yourself attending appointments you'd never thought you'd need to go to, sitting in waiting rooms you never knew existed, ordering books you never thought you would use. Sometimes you feel like you hopped on board a rollercoaster when you were expecting a sedate train ride. That's life. The unexpected does happen. As… Continue reading Unexpected

Life Lessons

The Aspirational Life (or handbag!)

Walking past a department store counter it caught my eye. How could it not - a beautiful delicate blue chevron patterned bag. Eye catching and gorgeous. And that was before I picked it up and appreciated the practicalities of the design. You will be relieved, if not surprised to know, that I put it back… Continue reading The Aspirational Life (or handbag!)

Life Lessons

The Power of One….Mosquito!

I had a terrible night sleep. If the humidity and heaviness of the air wasn't bad enough my room was also invaded by a powerful fiend....the mosquito.Having stirred, my ears registered the faint hum of the mosquito which got louder as it neared me. I tried to ignore it but couldn't. Light was turned on… Continue reading The Power of One….Mosquito!