Life Lessons

Treasures of Darkness

"And I will give you treasures hidden in the darkness - secret riches." (Isaiah 45:3) Grief visited this week. It threw shadows across my path as family and friends grieved over the loss of loved ones. People were left with sadness, tears in their eyes and empty spaces in their homes. There really were no words to say. When hard… Continue reading Treasures of Darkness


Do you see what I see….?

Ok, so the lyrics of a Christmas Carol have inspired me! It's funny what songs you find yourself singing at random times! But it's a good question! Although don't worry the answer isn't taking me down a Christmas inspired route with tinsel and bells, but rather to the mirror. What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do… Continue reading Do you see what I see….?

Life Lessons

The Search for Serenity

serenity : - the state or quality of being serene; the absence of mental stress or anxiety I've been captivated by the word "serenity" for many years now. Ever since reading the novel, "I take thee Serenity." While the book focuses on a couple - Peter and Serenity, trying to make wise choices in a busy,… Continue reading The Search for Serenity


Let there be peace… – {Advent}

Today was a total waste of makeup! Actually to be honest, I didn't even get that far! Waking with a crippling migraine that meant most of my conversations today were with a toilet bowl (too much information?), I kept to my bed. The offer of a coffee was even refused - yes I was that… Continue reading Let there be peace… – {Advent}


The Messiness of Motherhood

Motherhood is messy. It is filled with spills and stains and grubby marks. All precious, but still messy. I can't count the number of times I've gone to go out (or gone out) and discovered the milk marks, snot marks even on my shoulder. I have repeatedly wiped the fingermarks and the occasional crayon mark… Continue reading The Messiness of Motherhood