Heart of our God

Because sometimes you just find yourself singing your old school song and wondering why after all theses years it has surfaced from the recesses of your mind. And then you start to ponder on the words and the meaning within of the song so earnestly sung for so long. "Heart of our God, most deep adoring love,… Continue reading Heart of our God

Life Lessons


“You, God, are my God, earnestly I seek you” (Psalm 63:1) The police car, lights flashing, siren blaring, shot past me in pursuit of someone. A police car in pursuit means that they were focussed on the chase and who they were chasing. Determined, relentless. This was no car on a sedate Sunday afternoon drive, meandering… Continue reading Pursuit

Hearing from God · Life Lessons


Social media has helped people across the planet to keep in touch, to share their lives – their news, thoughts, opinions and photos in a way like never before. Applications like Instagram take it to the next level and enable us to show carefully curated photos – chosen, cropped, edited and filtered at our discretion. At… Continue reading Glimpses

Life Lessons

When God interrupts

I think a mother's life, certainly in the early years, would always include "interruptions" as part of a description of life. Conversations, reading a book, sitting down inevitably get interrupted by the baby waking, the child needing help, the child out of bed. Ironically as I sit to type this I've been interrupted - by children and text messages! Don't… Continue reading When God interrupts