Sparkle in your Father’s eyes


Have you ever had the lyrics of a song get caught in your mind and you find yourself singing them over and over and hard to get rid of?

Recently I’ve been captivated by two lines from “Jamie’s Song” by Kristene Mueller.

“She’s a sparkle in her Father’s eye,
Kind of like the moon tonight.”

You are the sparkle in God’s eyes. He created you so that He could love you! He created you for His delight!

“You created everything, and it is for your pleasure that they exist and were created.” (Revelatin 4:11)

Think about that. The Creator of the Universe, the one who named every star and created the galaxies by His Word wants you as part of His family. He desires to be in relationship with you, to love you. You are important to Him.

You’re the sparkle in His eyes!

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