Life Lessons

The Hiding Place


The other day my 2 year old and I made a hut out of sheets and blankets. We crawled into the snug place with cushions and had a delightful time. Whispering to each other, singing, cuddles. The sounds of the household – brothers playing downstairs, dad working in the garage, the washing machine going,  seemed distant and far away. It was an intimate time with each other. Just enjoying each other’s company. Precious.

Our times with The Lord are meant to be like that. Intimate, away from the noise of life. Just enjoying spending time with God. Yes Bible study, learning about God, taking to God our prayers – gratitude, dreams, needs are all important. But at the end of the day it’s not a work meeting with agendas and things to learn or accomplish. It’s not about checking off a list to say – quiet time, done. It’s about hanging out with the one you love and just being.

All too soon my 2 yr old scampered off to join his brothers. I would have lingered longer, hanging out in our cocoon of a hut. God’s the same. All too soon we scamper off to work, to chores, to life, while God would have lingered, enjoying being with us.

“Be still and know that I am God” Psalm 46:10

Talk with us, Lord,Thyself reveal,
while here on earth we rove;
Speak to our hearts,
And let us feel
The kindling of your love

(Charles Wesley)

PS For the rest of the day I would snatch cuddles and moments with my little lad. Do the same with God! The official quiet time may be over, but God is still in the house!

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