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Lost & Found


Yesterday just as we were due to depart for school, my 6 year old alerted me to the fact that he couldn’t find his prescription glasses. His brand new, expensive glasses. My mind raced to when I last saw them – panic – when we were at soccer training. Suddenly my day changed. I switched into FBI mode. The day became about locating the glasses!

So I….

  • Checked son’s school bag
  • Checked my handbag (emptied contents onto floor!)
  • Went to the soccer field on way to school to search
  • Asked the school if they had been turned in
  • Rang the soccer coach (who also went to the field)
  • Asked my husband to check his car (twice)
  • Checked the house
  • Went back to the field – checked footpath, rubbish bins
  • Listed the glasses as lost on community web page
  • Checked my husband’s car when he returned home
  • Rang my mum to say I could just cry
  • Cried

Through it all though, I prayed! I had a sense that God had it all under control and those glasses would be found.

Funnily enough on the same day as I drove home I saw a lady go and rescue a pink soft toy that lay in the middle of the road in front of my house and carefully place it on our letterbox where it could easily be seen. Someone else had lost something that day, a child’s precious toy perhaps. Someone else was probably tracing back their steps to find the beloved toy. And as I looked at that precious toy and the care a stranger had shown to it, I knew God was speaking to my heart about how He cared about the lost glasses too. I knew then that if the toy was retrieved, my son’s glasses would also make their way home.

Late that afternoon, the toy that had sat there all day was recovered. I didn’t see it go, but I can imagine the relief and happiness of the discovery of the toy – safe.

That evening as I put my other son’s book bag into his school bag, God spoke to me – check his bag. I checked the pockets and then with trembling hands pulled out the glasses case. Safe, restored.

I was so elated, so relieved, so grateful and happy. I wanted to pop open a bottle of champagne to celebrate the glasses return! I wanted everyone to know that what was lost had been found!

Then I remembered another lost story….a coin that was missing, the woman searching and then rejoicing when it was found. And then the story of the lost and prodigal son – the Father’s joy as he runs to embrace the son that has returned home.

How much more must God rejoice when one of His beloved sons and daughters finds home! How much more must He celebrate. What a homecoming it is indeed.

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me.
I once was lost but now am found,
Was blind, but now I see.

4 thoughts on “Lost & Found

  1. This was a wonderful picture of how God responds when we come to Him and His longing for us to come home. It also gave me fresh longing and impetus to pray for my hubs to come to a saving knowledge of Father God. Such rejoicing there will be in Heaven on that day. God is able and all things in Him are possible.
    Thanks P.

    1. Totally eh! God watches and He waits, watches and waits and when He sees one coming home He embraces ad celebrates! With God everything is possible 🙂 will pray too for yr hubs 🙂

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