Memory Lane


It’s amazing how an item, place, sound, smell even, can transport you back years to your childhood. Suddenly your mind is flooded with memories good or bad, but hopefully good! My workmate had it happen when our workplace installed a door bell that reminded him of his grandparents’ home. I had it walking into my parents’ home and the smell of a recently cleaned oven (weird I know!) instantly reminded me of my grandparents’ home. It was so real that I found myself just standing there sniffing the chemicals and feeling so happy to have that reminder. It made me feel connected to them again.

Recently I was given a CD of Sir Oliver’s Songs by the Candle Group. Released in 1979 Sir Oliver’s Songs and Music Machine make up part of my childhood history. I remember listening to the LP with my siblings. I remember singing the songs in the car (with my siblings), and today, some (??) years later, I can still sing most of them. My children are now being subjected to the music and my hubby is amused that it is me turning the volume on the stereo in the car up and not down as I usually do!

The moment I hit play on the stereo, I was transported back to my childhood. But it was more than childhood memories that I was reminded of, it was my history with God. These songs were worship to me, they were sung out of love to God. They helped me learn more about God and about His Word. As Sir Oliver’s song aptly puts it:

Sing it
You’ll never forget it
Sing it
You’ll never forget it
If you’ve something to remember put it in a melody
Who can think of any way to learn more naturally?
Sing it
You’ll never forget it if you sing it!

I have often found that my history with God is a key to my future with Him. Whenever I am feeling discouraged, hurt by life or even distant from God, I look back at our life together. A testimony of answered prayer, a fulfilled promise or songs that remind me of a time I felt closer to God all help me to come through the dark times.  The memories stir my faith, reignite my spirit and gives strength to my soul. They encourage me to keep going, to keep pressing in for the breakthrough.

In the Old Testament, God gave specific instructions for the Israelites to daily rehearse / remember the testimonies of what God had done for them. He also instructed them to build memorial stones. These would act as a prompt to remember, even for the generations that were not there to have actually experienced the crossing of the River Jordan to the Promised Land. But they forgot – “and forgot His works and His wonders that He had shown them” (Psalm 78:11). This neglect cost them the battle.

At our memorial day, ANZAC Day, for our soldiers, the poem Ode to Remembrance is often quoted and at the end added “Lest we forget”.

Time to take a trip down memory lane and remember all the God has done for us.

Lest we forget.

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