Life Lessons

A Chilly Morning


It was a chilly morning here today. And if I needed any further indications other than the ice I had to scrape off my windscreen, my car decided to display an “ice danger” sign. Not matter, the car heater kicked in, the hot coffee was bought and I was headed to a nicely heated office.

Leonard Jones, from Morning Star, wrote this on his blog “After our meeting at church last night, my wife and I sat out underneath our arbor and had some hot tea. It was chilly so I turned on a small space heater. I was telling her how cold spiritually I’ve been feeling lately and wondering what to do about it. And then I looked at the heater and I felt the Lord say to me, “Just move a little closer to the heater.”

What Leonard shares here really nails it! If you’re going through a hard place, feeling distant from God, it is time to press in harder than before. Faith requires an action to be activated. So just as Leonard had to move closer to the heater to get warm, when we’re feeling distant from God we need to do something about it. Soak yourself in His presence – put worship music on, let it wash over you and just let your heart take you to God!!


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