Life Lessons

Interruptions and the Lunchbox


Life taught me a lesson this week! Well I hope I have learnt from it. My normal morning routine had a planned for change. Instead of the normal school run, I was taking my oldest to the Hospital for an appointment, an early one at that. It meant organising the other children to go to Grandparents and an earlier than normal departure from the house. This change in the morning routine was anticipated and planned for.

But then I struck car trouble. Precious time was spent trying to sort it out. Precious time was spent having to change cars. We had to rush. And in the rush a lunchbox was left behind. A phone call mid morning from the school alerted me to the fact that my 5 year old was without his lunchbox.  So on my return home I collected the neglected lunchbox and popped into school to reunite son with it (accompanied by a note inside saying I’m sorry!)

The unexpected interruption had thrown my day.  I’d gotten off course and the ramifications, not huge for me, were rather significant for a hungry 5 year old.

Interruptions in life happen and they can throw us off course, even temporarily. The lesson to be learnt, is that when bigger interruptions or hardship come our way that we don’t let them derail our relationship with God. That hardship doesn’t negatively impact our faith and that we are able to stay on course.

My boys have been vigilant for the rest of the week ensuring that they do collect their lunches, as have I!


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