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Why Jesus waited


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Why did Jesus wait?

It was His friend that was very sick, it was His friends that He loved that had called for Him. At the very least, His presence would have been a comfort to them. But four days? I know that this was in the time before transportation like we have available to us was around, but surely He could have got there sooner? Worse still, it wasn’t only the travel time that delayed Jesus’ arrival but that even after hearing the news, He stayed on for another two days. And so He arrived too late to heal Lazarus. By then Lazarus was dead. Buried. There was a stone rolled over the grave. If there was a situation that from all vantage points was over, final, finished – this was it!

In Lysa Terkeurt’s book “The Best Yes”, she wrote “Jesus had already shown the world He could heal. Now He needed to show all that He could resurrect. They had to know that.”

We need to grab hold of that truth. Jesus not only heals but He resurrects. Lysa continued to write “some unexpected hurts require more than just healing. Paralysed places that feel dead inside us need a full-on resurrection.” I am sure that we can all look at our lives and see aspects that are beyond healing. Parts of our lives that need the impossible impossible – resurrection! Dreams that are dead, relationships that are over, circumstances that speak of finality – where there is not even the slightest sliver of hope.

He resurrects! It is time to silence the voice of the dead dreams and let the voice of the Dream Giver speak again. And know this – when God resurrects something it is restored better than before!

To Martha, Jesus said “I am the resurrection and the life

That has not changed. To your impossible situation, to the dead dreams and no hope circumstances – to you, Jesus says “I am the resurrection and the life.” And He stands outside the tomb and calls life forth.




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