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Our car trouble of yesterday meant that today public transport was my mode of transport to work. Not something I was entirely happy about or for that matter prepared for. I only ever occasionally take the bus and to say the least I was out of practice. Not that taking Public transport should take practice. But I should have been a little more prepared. I learnt a few things today…

1. Don’t wear suede shoes when it is raining and you need to take the bus. Said shoes get ruined.

2. Take your glasses. Actually wear your glasses. Means you don’t have to flag every bus down because you can’t read what bus number they are showing.

3. Check location of bus stops. Saves you from getting off one bus stop too soon and walking past the next bus stop before you reach your house. (In the rain I might add!)

As you can tell I had fun catching the bus today. I certainly will be more prepared in the future should I HAVE to do it again. There’s a lot to be said about being prepared. It definitely removes a lot of pressure and stress from your day. Financial Advisors encourage us to have a “rainy day” bank account for those unforeseen, unexpected bills. I prepare before I have my month end financial meetings with my Boss, making sure I understand the story behind the numbers.

But do we live our lives spiritually prepared? When circumstances conspire against us and things go wrong in our day, does our spirit stay strong? Is our spirit prepared for attacks from the enemy? As much as we put money aside for a rainy day, we need to ensure that we put the Word in our hearts, so that when we need it, the Truth is right there. We put God’s promises in our heart so that when life seems to be going in the opposite direction we can hold fast to them.

I wonder if I can keep a camel in my garden. As a back up to my car of course. Still my suede shoes would probably get ruined – camels spit.

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