Dreams & Destiny



PURPOSE:- The reason for which something exists or is done, made, used

We move from Esther’s preparation and jump past her being made Queen, to Esther summoning the courage to appear unsummoned before the King. She has one question in mind  – how to save her people. Purpose is what drives you. Purpose is what gave Esther the courage to appear before the King. Purpose is what gave Esther the courage to risk her life.

Zaccheus was a man of action. He heard that Jesus was coming to Jericho (Luke 19:1-10) and went to great effort to be sure he could see him. He climbed up a sycamore tree. He didn’t care what others thought – he moved toward the goal to see Jesus. He postioned himself to be found. The rest is history – Jesus saw him, Zaccheaes was blessed and hten the entire town benefited from the encounter.

Fulfilling your destiny requires commission – cooperation with God’s mission for you. A commission must be acted upon. It will affect not only you, but the world around you.

Action requires risk. Taking a risk takes courage. Esther took a risk to go see the King. Zacchaes had to climb a tree so he could see. Mary risked ridicule by pouring oil on Jesus feet. The men who broke open a roof to let their friend down in front of Jesus all took a risk.

God chose where you would be placed but we have a choice as to what we should do.

Keep your eyes on the goal and not the obstacles.

Risk born out of great determination is courage.

Push past fear

Push past doubt

Push past anxiety

We must take advantage of the opportunities He has made available to us in the here and now. Our responsibility is to let Him use us where we are.

The message of Esther is that God might engineer the circumstances, but what happens after that is ultimately up to us. God might prod us, but we might refuse. And if we refuse, people might die.

Say yes to opportunities. Opportunities exist that you need to catch


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