Countdown to Christmas

Christmas is coming
This home is on a serious countdown to Christmas. We’re counting down on the Advent Calendars, we’re counting how many sleeps, then there’s the countdown of how many days left of school, how many weekends, swimming lessons, you name it, we’re counting them down. It’s all about Christmas. It’s one of the things that I love about this time of year, that I love about Advent – the anticipation, the looking forward to Christmas is all part of the excitement and enjoyment of Christmas.
I love what Louie Giglio said about Advent “When we recover Advent, we turn down the volume on the culture and we turn up the volume on the Spirit of God. We let that voice guide us and remind us that this season is about a promise that God is going to do what God has promised He is going to do. And He’s going to do that for every single one of us who has put our hope in Him.”
Advent is taking time out of the busyness of Year End celebrations and Christmas preparations, the extended shopping hours and discounts and making sure that Jesus stays front and centre. That we take time to pause and remember that First Christmas and God coming into our world like never before. It means by the time Christmas Day actually arrives, and the countdown ends and we gather in Churches and families to worship Him, our hearts are already full of the joy of the season.
That our hearts have already received the gift of Christmas.

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