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Mathematics of Life


I’m no mathematician – it certainly wasn’t my favourite subject at school! But I have learnt that we can apply the principles of mathematics to life. I always knew that algebra would come in handy! For as in any maths equation where balance, equal sides to an equation is required, the same is needed in life.

So it’s time to do the maths on life! When we reconcile the gap between our vision and our capacity. When we check that the inputs match the outputs!

ADD –  What needs to be added into your life? What needs to be added to make your life work? What is missing? We need to ensure that in our lives are things that feed and nourish our spirits and soul. Rest perhaps, a hobby that cultivates the creativity in you. More space and time for worship.

SUBTRACT –  What needs to be subtracted from your life to keep your life in balance. An unhealthy habit, a time waster, a hurt or offense. Perhaps a thought pattern. Maybe an activity needs to go to make more room for God.

MULTIPLICATION –  What needs to be multiplied? What is the Holy Spirit breathing on in your life? What is God blessing? What is flourishing? Your ministry, your work or calling? Where you serve? Your house group or time with your friends? Spend more time and effort in the area that is working.

DIVISION – What needs to be divided? Delegated or given away to someone else? To give some else the opportunity. To mentor, to pour out?

PERCENTAGE – Someone once said, “Show me your calendar, and I’ll show you your priorities.” What adjustments need to be made to your calendar, to how you spend your time to ensure that there is room for what is important to you? How are you practically spending time in relation to your dreams and passions?

INFINITY – With this symbol I’m changing it to represent eternity. They are both endless. Our lives are about more than just today and our life here on earth. We need to be living for eternity now. To live with a perspective of eternity on our daily lives.

And while I have no ambition (or ability!) to be a Mathematics Professor, the mathematics of life is something I need to apply!

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