Life Lessons

Faded Memories


I found it, at the back of the kitchen cupboard at work. Nondescript amongst the mosaic of other brighter newer mugs. By comparison this one was aged, faded. Logo disappearing after years of use. But still I spotted it and now it sits on my desk. You see, many years ago while working for a different company we had a promotion of coffee mugs. And it appears one such mug made it to my current work’s kitchen. That is no small feat, at my current work – staff have changed, premises have changed – the company itself has changed but this tenacious cup has somehow managed to survive.

Seeing this cup reminded me of the people I worked with, the fun we had – the jolly hard work we did and what we achieved! It’s not the most pristine cup in the office but it’s my one of choice. A memory that was fading along with the company logo on the mug was rejuvenated. Good times remembered.

It is good to have mementoes – reminders of important events in our lives. Photos recording events, precious gifts – the engagement ring, the brooch celebrating the birth of a child.  But it is also good to have mementoes of our life with Christ. Key Scriptures that speak to us during crossroads or a challenging time. Other signs from God demonstrating His direction and care for us. Prophetic words and words of encouragement. Answered prayers. My journal and Bible are full of such. It helps remind us of how God speaks to us – how God cares for us. It encourages us when we face another crossroad or challenging time as to His care and presence during that time.


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