Life Lessons



A work day like any other – ordinary. The sound of fingers clacking on keyboards, printers going. The general hum of a busy office. That is until Hitesh calls from the lunchroom alerting us all to a budgie sheltering from the rain on our deck. And with that we all came to check out the little chap. Some sourced some food (that would be me!) and then someone else managed to encourage the bird inside. A makeshift perch was found from a decorative canoe, water provided. The heater even was turned on. In all a general fuss was made of the budgie.

Consequently within the hour a new sound was to be heard in the office. A chattering, singing bird. A happy bird. He’d found warmth, care. And by the end of the day a new home as well (one happy family got to welcome a new pet).

Everyday we start out with our plans and hopes for the day ahead. But as much as we have plans for our days, God does too. Opportunities for us to co-labour with Him in demonstrating His love, His kindness, in fact demonstrating Jesus, to those around us.  It is the conversation with the shopkeeper, the taking a moment to really listen to that colleague. It is going out of our way to help someone in need, to show kindness to someone. And when we are open to these interruptions in our lives our ordinary days can end up extraordinary. We can impact our world in incredible ways.

Our budgie rescue injected a lot of joy, fun and camaraderie into our office that day. Perhaps it was God’s plan for a workplace to come together and rescue a little bird….?

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