Life Lessons

The Mundane Days


“What will you do in the mundane days of faithfulness?” (Martin Luther)

Of the many signs of spring around at the moment there is none more prominent in my garden than my oak tree. As if overnight new leaves have sprouted and what seemed to be bare branches are now awash with fresh green leaves.

Given the size of the Oak Tree it is easy to focus on it. Its gracious branches the perfect resting place for the boys’ swings. But on a closer look the tree is not alone in its spring activity. For on the ground tiny little oak seedlings have grown from last season’s acorns that embedded themselves in the soil. Overlooked and barely noticeable due to their diminutive size, they have thus far survived the cull of the lawn mower.

These little plants have the ability, the potential to grow into an oak tree the size of the one that towers above them. A small oak seedling is not insignificant. It has value and potential. It is something to be treasured.

Our world demands big, it values and esteems grand. The bigger the better. If we are not careful we can let that thinking spill over into our life with God. We can think that our life is small and insignificant compared to those around us who seem to be doing more, making more of an impact for God on a grander scale, on a bigger platform. We can think that our days are merely mundane, ordinary and cause little impact for the Kingdom of God.

Those little Acorn seedlings have to hang in there if they want to reach their potential. In the same way we need to hang in there and keep doing good. It is in our ordinary days, when we do what is in front of us, that we honour God and live for Him. Keep being that voice of encouragement, keep with the acts of kindness. It matters because it matters to God. Our good works have impact beyond the moment – we just often don’t see that.

If you’re weary of pouring out, serving and helping for little or no appreciation. If you’re hurting because it seems that what you do is invisible, take heart for God sees. And God does not subscribe to the world system of value and success but rather sees all, values all. Remember He is always at work in and through us.

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” (Galatians 6:9)

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