3 2 1 Countdown – {Advent}


The countdown to Christmas is well underway in my household. From how many days left at school before Christmas, to how many sleeps. You name it, the boys are counting it and this is even before the Advent Calendar makes its appearance! That’s part of the excitement about Christmas. The anticipation of the day to come, the expectation for the celebrations. The boys are counting down, looking forward with joy to Christmas and all the day holds.

The children have it right. It’s what Advent is all about. It is a season of expectant waiting and preparation. And as much as we wait with expectancy for Christmas and buy presents and decorate the house in preparation, Advent is much more than just waiting for a day on the calendar. Advent is about preparing our hearts for a new or a deeper revelation of the amazing gift that the birth of Jesus was to this world and still is.

We look back to remember a world that spent 400 years in silence that would be shattered with a baby’s cry. We look forward in anticipation to the victorious return of Christ. And we open our hearts to the power and presence of God in our lives today.


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