Life Lessons · Ponderances



“But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.” (Luke 2:19)

It was certainly a remarkable time for Mary. A visitation from an Angel. A baby, son of God foretold and then born. Wisemen and Shepherds gathering to worship her newborn son. Declarations over a little Jesus by Simeon and Anna. Extraordinary experiences. Noteworthy. There were “crumbs of confirmation” (Sacred Space). Enough to help her believe.

But in amongst these experiences must have been many ordinary days. Days that were mundane focused on everyday life – eating, sleeping. Hard days too as Joseph and Mary had to flee to Egypt to protect Jesus. Hard days as refugees in a foreign land. Did Mary ever waiver in her faith as she waited for the promise to be made manifest as she pondered what had occurred in  amongst the caring for Jesus.

The key was what Mary did with all these signs and words, these crumbs of confirmation.

Everything that was said about Jesus, all the words and signs, she secreted away in her heart and pondered on them. It meant, that in the ordinary days and in the dark days, her heart held hope, light and treasure for her future and that of her precious son.

Like Mary, we all have times when we receive a Scripture, a sign, a prophetic word for something in our lives. We need to secret them away in our hearts. Ponder and meditate on them. So that when the days weary us or they are dark, we have these keys, these tools from God to help us keep on. They hold grace for today. The truth of God and His promises to us remain rooted in our spirit.







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