Quiet Retreat

Technology is quite good at telling you when it’s at capacity. My phone gives me a message that it’s “almost full” and then, well it simply stops letting me take photos or open apps. My phone has a finite capacity. Once you hit it, there’s nothing you can do until you address the storage level. Nothing to do but delete out unnecessary apps, copy the oodles of photos to another device before you have any chance of using the phone again.

Us humans, well, we’re pretty much the same. We too can reach overload, can stop functioning effectively as we reach our capacity. Life’s pressures and busyness can slowly chip away at our soul and body. Our body loudly or quietly screams at us to slow down, to rest, to stop. But we need to make the decision ourselves to stop, to pull back and to recharge.

So sometimes we need to say a quiet no to the good and the fun, to turn away from the busyness of life so we can say yes to the eternal, yes to rest and yes to the future seasons we need strength for. We need to learn God’s rhythm for life, to lean into His heartbeat and enter His rest.

It is in the rest, in the stillness that we create space for God to speak and to renew us.

You’re my place of quiet retreat, I’ll wait for Your word to renew me.” (Psalm 119:114)

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