Equilibrium: – a state of rest or balance due to the equal action of opposing forces

Equilibrium. We use it to describe balance in market forces, to define that equal point in opposing powers and influence. However with the exception of those times when we lose our equanimity we don’t use it in reference to our own lives. But it does imply a life of sustainability, a life of balance. It’s when our output is balanced by our input. When our work is balanced by our times of rest. It means no matter what we’re doing we’re living from a place of rest.

Everyone’s point of equilibrium is different.  And what is input into one’s life for one person could be considered output for another. Input is about doing something that nourishes your soul and lifts your spirit. Rest for me is a cup of coffee and a good book. Rest for a friend is a 10 kilometre run…even when it rains!

It’s about finding your rhythm – the pace of life that works for you. Equilibrium is also about being true to the season that you are in and embracing it. With a little baby in the house my season involves nights at home and days that revolve around his naps and feed times. It’s school runs and marmite sandwiches and standing on the sidelines for cross country runs. So I have my nappy bag and an umbrella (for the sidelines!). I also have my local café for the coffee fix!

Sometimes we need to take that step back, recalibrate perhaps, and ensure that our life is in balance. That we are indeed living in equilibrium.

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