Life Lessons


Trust – Firm belief in the reliability, truth of someone or something.
Everyday we trust – we trust that our cars will get us to our destination, that the alarm will go off in the morning. We trust in people that we live and work with. We trust the banks that hold our money. We trust.
But there comes a point when who we can trust and what we can trust on this earth doesn’t suffice. When all our worries and hopes are too much to place in the frailty of humanity. That is when we need to look up, to God and place our hopes and our concerns, our burdens and our fears with Him.
“It’s the sweetest thing, to trust  you, just to know  you’ve got everything under control”
Life hurls events at us that make us wonder how will we get through. Get through that health scare, that financial challenge, that hardship. As parents of children, whatever their age, we worry about them. About the decisions they make, their treatment by others, their ability to thrive in life. We worry about the stresses of our days, of what the future holds.
“High up on a rock, looking out at the horizon, watching as the storm rolls in, wondering if my heart will survive it, as the waves crash all around me”
Yet when our hearts are so heavy with all our burdens, we can trust in our unfailing God. God who has everything under control. God who gives us strength and grace.
“I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.” (Psalm 91:2)
Lyrics from Trust – Kristene Mueller

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