Faith · Life Lessons

A Life Upside Down


First Leicester City won the Football Premier League in England. The Chicago Cubs then won the World League series after a 100 year drought. Then after 111 years of silence Ireland stormed to victory against the All Blacks. 2016 has also been the year that no one saw of Brexit and Trump for President of the United States. 2016 it seems is turning out to be the year of the unexpected.

Regardless of whatever Sports Team or Political Party that you support and whether that made this  year a good year or a bad one, 2016 has shown us that sometimes things get turned on their head. That sometimes the underdog wins. That the Outsider makes it inside after all.

It feels unnatural, upside down. But in a way it illustrates God’s Kingdom. For God’s Kingdom is also topsy-turvy and works on different values to earth’s. What is under valued on earth is valued in Heaven. The poor are the ones that Jesus says are the blessed. The last shall be first. With God the weak are the strong. What God treasures is different to the World, and certainly success doesn’t look the same.

More importantly we can go no further than the Cross. What was meant for defeat by the enemy became the victory of Jesus. Triumph over sin, over death. What was supposed to be game over was a game changer! Resurrection! Reconciliation! Hope!

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