Life Lessons

Memory Lane

Yesterday – a walk down memory lane. A rare opportunity to visit an old family home, the old family church. To see the pew that we would always sit in, the church hall where we went to Sunday School. To the see the house – my old bedroom, the back garden. Memories flooding back, of laughter and fun, good times.

As we walk forward into this New Year with resolutions and plans, hope and dreams, it is sometimes useful to cast our eyes over the years past. Not in a yearning for the good days gone or in grief over the bad, but in a realisation of the times when God’s hand upon our lives is visible. When you realise that God had prepared you for what you were to face with Scriptures or prophetic words, with the people that He placed around you. When you are reminded of the prayers answered, of the breakthroughs received.

Looking back and seeing the hand of God on our lives gives encouragement and strength for today and hope for the future. It’s a reminder that even when at the time we don’t notice, God is always working on our behalf, for our benefit, for our good.

“I will remember the deeds of the LORD; yes, I will remember your miracles of long ago.”         (Psalm 77:11)


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