Silence – {Easter}



It is silent.

Jesus is dead and buried. The Disciples in hiding, lives in ruins, dreams shattered. God does not speak. It seemed to go so wrong.

Is silence their new reality? A world without Jesus the new normal?

Sometimes in life it is the day after the news, the tragedy, the loss that can be the hardest. The new reality seems overwhelming. You’re facing a day, a life, that you never imagined. Your new normal seems insurmountable and wrong.

You’re facing your own Saturday. And there is only silence to your unanswered questions and sorrow.

But your spirit begins to stir. Whispers of hope speak into the darkness. You remember that Sunday is coming!

The next day, the disciples find an empty tomb. And a Saviour who is alive.

It may be Saturday but we can live it with the power and revelation of Resurrection Sunday. The resurrection of Jesus gives birth to a hope even though you’re in the middle of circumstances that deny a reason to have hope. God’s resurrection power turns death into life, despair into hope, weakness into strength.

Sunday is coming!




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