Kintsugi is Japanese for “golden joinery”. It is the art of repairing pottery with gold. In other words, to patch with gold. With Kintsugi the brokenness, the cracks are not hidden or disguised when repaired, but they are made beautiful, celebrated with the gold that holds them together.

In Japan restoring the broken is an art. The heart of it all – turning what is broken into beautiful, cherished pieces, sealed by gold. Flaws are not hidden but highlighted, creating a whole new design and bringing unique beauty to the original piece. The pottery actually becomes more beautiful and valuable in the restoration process because, though it was once broken, it not only has history, but a new story.

The scars of our lives – the loss, the heartache, the hurt are still there to be seen. But they are part of our story and become part of our beauty when we allow God’s healing love and power to take our brokenness and restore us. It is in the cracks and in our scars that we see God’s power to restore.

I guess that’s what God means when He said that He will give us a crown of beauty for ashes. The parts of our lives that we think are ugly or hard, God transforms into beauty.

Remember too, that when the Disciples saw our Risen Lord they saw Him with His scars. His wounds. Part of His story, our story.