Fear Not!


“Me: What could go wrong? Anxiety: I’m glad you asked.”

I had a little chuckle at this quote. I’m sure Anxiety had a lengthy answer! But in all seriousness it’s true. Everyday most of us fight anxiety everyday at some level. We fight its lists of no hope, worse case scenarios. Quickly we can be hit with a deluge of negativity and worry.

And the thing with anxiety is that it doesn’t travel alone. Fear is its bestie. It comes slithering into our hearts and soul. Always whispering lies that things aren’t going to work out and we’ll fail, that things are bad and only going to get worse. Seeking to control us by impacting our reactions and actions in life.

But God doesn’t want us living a life dominated by fear. That means replacing fear with faith. Changing what we think or say when motivated by fear to faith filled thoughts. Fear increases the same way as faith increases. We need to feed our faith not our fears. And as Joyce Meyer once wrote “when fear knocks on the door, send faith to answer.”

So you, brave one, showing up to life, fighting your anxiety and fear, know this! God is on your side! That’s why the Bible says, “Fear not!”

Don’t give up!

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