The hands and the voice of God


“The hands of the Almighty are often to be found at the end of our own arms.”

(Call the midwife)

One day two friends, trying to learn how to minister the love of God to others, prayed a simple prayer in a restaurant.

“Who do you want us to tell that you love them?”

After asking this of God they believed that they should tell the waitress – so one of them said “ma’am we just wanted to let you know that God loves you.” Instantly the waitress threw down the menus and stormed off. A few moments later she came back and demanded “ who told you to tell me that?” The boy replied – “ma’am I’m sorry. We did not mean to offend you. We were just praying and asked God who He wanted us to tell He loves, and he said you.” The boy stood up and said – I feel like God wants me to give you a hug. Is that alright?” As he hugged her, she had her first encounter of the love of God.

She told them her story. “This morning I woke up and said “nobody loves me. Nobody loves just me. God, if you’re out there I need you to show me you love.”

Because 2 young men made themselves available to God – a woman encountered God.

People all around us are wanting and waiting to hear the voice of God. We just need to speak up.

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