Go to the mattresses


“Go to the mattresses. You’re at war.” (You’ve got mail)

In You’ve got mail, Joe Fox gives Kathleen Kelly some advice from The Godfather. Time to hit the mattresses! What great advice for us now! We’re at war against an invisible enemy. And our tactic and strategy – time to stay home and maybe literally spend more time resting!

The origin of the phrase “to the mattresses” dates back to 1530 when the combined troops of Charles V and Medici Pope Clement VII lay siege to Florence. The bell tower of San Miniato al Monte was part of the defences. The locals used the ploy of hanging mattresses on the outside of the tower to minimize damage from cannon fire.

Hundreds of years later it has become part of pop culture when it was used in the Godfather as a call to war. Time to prepare for battle.

So here, on the eve of Lockdown for COVID-19, I say it’s time to go to the mattresses. To stay home and fight this virus.

But more importantly we have another weapon! Prayer!

We pray for wisdom, comfort and strength. We pray for God’s protection and deliverance from the coronavirus. May God’s peace reign in this time.



To the mattresses!

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