Sunrise. Sunset.

‘I’ll tell you how the sun rose, – a ribbon at a time.”

Emily Dickinson

There’s nothing quite so beautiful as watching the sun rise or set. At sunrise you see the darkness give way to a glorious display of the sun’s warmth and power. At sunset as the last rays fade, it’s like the day has been left with a rinse of grace over all that it held.

But to really see it, you have to position yourself. On a hill, on a beach. Somewhere with a view. And to be honest being in the middle of city suburbia doesn’t allow one to see the full expanse of it. Glimpses are there but houses and buildings obscure it. The weather too can do it’s best to interfere with the glory of a sunrise. Fog, rain convincing you that the day is yet to begin. Life itself pulls your eyes downward to the traffic, the task at hand.

But regardless of our location, the sun rising and setting is a constant. Every day it rises. Every day it sets. We just have to position ourselves to appreciate it. To take our eyes off our busyness, off our circumstances. To pause. To look. To see. To see the beauty of the sun at its best.

In the same way, God is constant. Never changing. Always there. Our situations may lead us to believe that He’s not near. Not caring even. But if we take time to position ourselves to seek Him, we will see He is there. And we can delight too in the warmth of His presence.

Always there. Constant.

“Sunrise brilliance and sunset beauty
both take turns singing their songs of joy to you.”

Psalm 65:8

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