A Hallmark Christmas

Hallmark movies. Growing in popularity around the world for bringing all the Christmas themes of home, love and winter wonderlands! Yes even in warm summery New Zealand, watching a Movie set in a snowy small town in America makes for a festive mood. (They’re the perfect backdrop to wrap presents to.)

The plot is always the same, just set in different picturesque Christmas Towns. As the result of dramatic crisis the main character must return from the big city to the home he or she has left behind. Once back home all becomes right with the world. Love is found, reconciliations made, purpose rediscovered. Happy endings found. All against the backdrop of snow, Christmas cafes and community.

Hallmark movies call you home for Christmas and it seems we can’t get enough of them. Maybe just maybe though, it’s because it resonates with our soul’s desire to be home. Isn’t the real Christmas message just that?

In its essence Christmas is celebrating God making a way for us. That He would breakthrough the darkness and the silence with a tiny wee baby so that we can come home. That we could have our happy ending.

The good news of great joy! A Saviour is born to us, given to us!

May you come home this Christmas.

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