If there is a topic that I’m learning a lot about it’s communication. In particular augmentative and alternative communication. Basically all of the ways that someone communicates besides talking.

With my youngest, speech is a challenge for him. So we use a mix of sign language and words to communicate. He also has his own sounds for particular words that for a stranger wouldn’t be recognisable as anything other than babble. for my son his audible speech is only a small part of how he communicates.

For me, as his mum, what may look and sound like not much more than an occasional word and gestures is actually communicating a lot. Like wanting to go in the car, with his brothers, for McDonald’s. A stranger may only pick up the word car and miss the sounds for his brothers and sign for McDonald’s. If I needed any additional info for this, him standing at the front door with his shoes provides further emphasis of what he wants to do.

The thing is, I’m his mother. We have a relationship and by spending time with him I know what he is trying to communicate to me. I know that he wants me to understand what he is saying. A stranger would not.

When it comes to hearing from God, it may seem difficult. But as with my son and I, it takes leaning in, relationship and a learning of the multitude of ways God does speak to us. He speaks in a small still voice, through Scripture, through a knowing and His peace, through the wisdom and counsel of others. And in so many other ways.

The audible voice only a small part of how God communicates.

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