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Chasing Sunsets

It all began a couple of weeks ago. Leaving my parents’ house one evening I glimpsed up and saw the beginnings of a sunset. I decided that on reaching home I’d take the opportunity to pause and watch it. Unfortunately by the time I arrived home the sunset had faded into dusk. A few days… Continue reading Chasing Sunsets

Life Lessons

A Lesson from Coffee

    It would be fair to say that Ponsonby is coffee central when it comes to living in Auckland. Based on my recent working in this delightful suburb and the frequent coffees that miraculously appeared throughout the day from varying cafes I decided that if one worked in Ponsonby you were obviously no more than a few metres from… Continue reading A Lesson from Coffee

Life Lessons · Quiet Times

Taking just a moment

I'm sitting on my bedroom floor surrounded by pieces of duplo. My 4 year old has just finished playing with them and has run off to find other toys (to add to the collection on my bedrooms floor!). In those brief moments between his departure and joyful arrival back with another armload of toys was a sacred space today. Moments when I sat… Continue reading Taking just a moment

Life Lessons

Up Close and Personal

Kiwis, Our national bird. An icon. A treasure. Extremely rare. And not something we often get to see. The fact that they are nocturnal making it even the more difficult. My experiences thus far been restricted to squinting through glass in a darkened room for a glimpse of one nestled in the shrubbery or perhaps scavenging for… Continue reading Up Close and Personal

Life Lessons


Yesterday, having arrived early to pick up my boys from school, I opted to get out of the hot stuffy car and sit outside on a grassy bank in front of the school to await the school bell. From my vantage point I watched other parents arriving to collect their children from school. There were the fitness gear ones, the ones… Continue reading Converge