Life Lessons

A Lesson from Coffee




It would be fair to say that Ponsonby is coffee central when it comes to living in Auckland. Based on my recent working in this delightful suburb and the frequent coffees that miraculously appeared throughout the day from varying cafes I decided that if one worked in Ponsonby you were obviously no more than a few metres from a good coffee. In London that’s apparently how close you are to a rodent, so I’m happy with staying in Ponsonby! For me that meant that there was none of the 10 minute trek that it normally takes from my office to the best coffee purveyor in the CBD. My experience in Ponsonby this week is that any coffee is great!

So while tomorrow (sigh), I return to my normal office and its lack of coffee options I will remember how for a brief spell good coffee was in abundance! The funny thing is, it challenged my mindset when it comes to the Christian life. An abstract illustration I know, but bear with me! I think we often get into the habit of putting God at the 10 minute trek location when it comes to involving Him in our everyday life. Kept to the essentials of life, not the more frequent. Yet just as good coffee was seemingly at my fingertips in Ponsonby, God too is that close (closer!). He desires to be part of our lives not just “a part” of it. And He wants to be part of the good and the bad, the highs and the lows. God is always just a heartbeat, a moment away.

Yes – I may be suffering from a coffee fuelled caffeine overload that means that my musings may be vague and unusual! But I do hope that they  make you think – how often do you turn to God in your day? A quiet help me please, to a whispered thank you for the blessings He imparts.

I am resolved that tomorrow I may need to avoid the coffee, but I hope to encounter God!

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