Life Lessons

A Lesson from Coffee

    It would be fair to say that Ponsonby is coffee central when it comes to living in Auckland. Based on my recent working in this delightful suburb and the frequent coffees that miraculously appeared throughout the day from varying cafes I decided that if one worked in Ponsonby you were obviously no more than a few metres from… Continue reading A Lesson from Coffee

Life Lessons

Cultivating Contentment

I had a moment today when I had to decide if I was content with the 2 coffees I had already had that day or whether I "needed" a third. Unsurprisingly, (given moment was had outside coffee shop) I decided for being discontent and proceeded to order the coffee. Was my decision then validated by the fact… Continue reading Cultivating Contentment

Life Lessons

Rhythms – Rushed or Rested

My middle son turned 6 last week. After weeks of him counting down the days his birthday party finally arrived. I had been meticulous in fulfilling his dream of a "Thunderbirds are go" themed party, cake included. But in the rush of preparing the house for the onslaught of 6 year olds, organising the party games and the… Continue reading Rhythms – Rushed or Rested

Life Lessons

A Tale of Two Coffees

Today was a two coffee day, actually a two coffee morning! And that made it a good day. Catching up with a friend for coffee at a café progressed to us checking out a couple of shops close by. That then led to the need to pause and what better place than another café with another… Continue reading A Tale of Two Coffees

Life Lessons

The Unexpected Guests

Two sparrows joined me for coffee the other day. They flew into the café I was at, found a table with the remnants of a long black on it and lingered a while. I didn't realise that sparrows like coffee, mind you who wouldn't?! They were happy, cute and unexpected guests as I partook of… Continue reading The Unexpected Guests


The Aroma of Coffee

“Do we harden against God like the egg or take the aroma of God like the coffee in testing situations?” anon I love the aroma of Coffee! Nothing like a whiff of a good espresso to make me want to indulge. Flat whites are my coffee of choice at the moment but I am partial… Continue reading The Aroma of Coffee