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Rhythms – Rushed or Rested

coffee and journal

My middle son turned 6 last week. After weeks of him counting down the days his birthday party finally arrived. I had been meticulous in fulfilling his dream of a “Thunderbirds are go” themed party, cake included. But in the rush of preparing the house for the onslaught of 6 year olds, organising the party games and the food, I was somewhat preoccupied as I put the finishing touches on his cake. And so, as we gathered around the cake singing Happy Birthday one of his friends asked why there was a “5” on the cake and not a “6”.  So it seems, during the rush of the party preparation, I had thought my son was a year younger.

I can imagine, in years to come, as we look over family photos, that we will laugh as to the 2 “Five” year old cakes and the non existent 6 year old one. It will serve as a reminder that perhaps on this day, I was just a little too rushed.

Being rushed is a normal part of 21st Century Life (so it seems). We multi-task using phones as mini computers. I work while I wait in the car to pick up children from school. Signing into work emails is one of the first things I do in the morning on waking. Days start at a fast pace and often end with us collapsing at the finish line like someone who has just completed an exhausting marathon (when are they not!?)

In the chaotic rush, the busyness of the day, when our rhythms are rushed, it is easy to forget God. He doesn’t clamour for our attention like a determined salesperson or a hungry child. He just waits. We need to build into our lives a rhythm of rest. As much as I have the rhythm of rest when I pause for a coffee, I have a rhythm of rest with God. Time away from the world – just God and me. I can enter into this time frazzled, stressed and feeling rushed. But one thing is for sure, I leave unhurried, rested. My rhythm reset to His.

He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. (Psalm 91:1)




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