Life Lessons

A Tale of Two Coffees


Today was a two coffee day, actually a two coffee morning! And that made it a good day. Catching up with a friend for coffee at a café progressed to us checking out a couple of shops close by. That then led to the need to pause and what better place than another café with another delicious coffee in the hand. As I said it was a good day!

Actually what made it more of a good day was not so much the decadence of two coffees in a morning, but the company. There’s something to be said for connecting with a good friend. A friend who gets you, encourages you and inspires you. This was definitely one of those mornings! Encouragement, a listening ear, dreaming for the future and we were set for the day. The coffee and the shopping (did I really buy another handbag?!!) were really just the icing on the cake.

When we parted ways late morning, I pondered how time with God offers the same – heart cheered, spirit strengthened and encouragement given. And the blessing of God is that He’s there and available 24/7. The morning coffee was a precious time out scheduled around work, appointments, school runs, chores. God though is available at less than a moments notice no matter where, not matter when.

And while I’m wondering how the increased caffeine will impact my sleep tonight, I’m also looking forward to the next time I’m out for coffee which fortunately is only a few days away!








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