Life Lessons

Stepping Out

I'm not particularly gifted in hospitality. Actually the word "particularly" is probably superfluous to that statement! I once famously kept a friend of my flatmate's on our doorstep for over an hour before it dawned on my that maybe I should invite the poor guy in. And maybe when I did I should have offered him… Continue reading Stepping Out

Life Lessons

A Tale of Two Coffees

Today was a two coffee day, actually a two coffee morning! And that made it a good day. Catching up with a friend for coffee at a café progressed to us checking out a couple of shops close by. That then led to the need to pause and what better place than another café with another… Continue reading A Tale of Two Coffees


The Traitor and the Betrayal – {Lent}

It would probably be true to say that not many of us will be unscathed by a betrayal or a hurt from a friend. Over the course of our lives most of us would have at some point been let down, hurt or betrayed by a friend. I know I have. Sometimes unintentionally, sometimes intentionally. It can come in… Continue reading The Traitor and the Betrayal – {Lent}