Ponderances · Quiet Times



I’m grateful that today mobile phones have photography capability. I often find myself reaching for my phone to capture a view, a moment as I go about my day. And while some make their way to instagram or facebook for the most part they stay saved on my phone. Snapshots. Recognition of a moment in time. A picture of beauty. A still of a precious time, a significant moment. An album of memories.

In some ways it is not so much about the photo but about the stepping back to appreciate the view or the moment. Taking the photo causes me to pause, to appreciate the sight before me. Just the other day as I was doing the dishes my eyes rested on the flowers on my kitchen window sill. Drying my hands and reaching for the phone caused me to pause longer from my chores to enjoy looking at the flowers and appreciating the beauty before me. Yes I could have done that without my handy phone. But the action of taking the photo is sometimes for me my prompt to recognise and appreciate the beauty before me. And yes sometimes it is a photo of a coffee!

Scrolling through my photos I see happy boys at mini golf, kindy mates hanging together at a party, sunsets and frost, architecture and rolling hills. flowers and birds. I see beauty and happy memories. I see much to be grateful for.

I wonder how much beauty God scatters across our path waiting for us to look up and see? To pause? To linger and then to see His glory revealed.


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