Quiet Times

Sacred Rhythms


“We need to let the pace of our lives be set to the metronome of Heaven” (Kalley Heiligenthal)

As a child I learned to play the piano. Not with much in the way of aptitude I must confess, but definitely with great diligence. And as such I remember the times when the metronome would be used. It helped me learn and keep to the right time. Over the sound of the music the steady beat of the metronome could be heard. It stopped me from rushing through sections and also from letting the music drag. The metronome was the heartbeat of the song. Steady, calm, consistent.

When our daily rhythm is aligned to Heaven’s we find peace. Peace in our daily lives – peace between our outer world and our inner world. We need to pay attention to what God is saying for our lives. It could be leaving a season behind, the end to a project or task – like the break between movements in a symphony. Perhaps it is time to add a layer to our lives, rather like the introduction of an additional instrument in a symphony – an outworking of the call of God for us. A stepping up, a stepping out. It’s about being in rhythm to what is important to God – what or who are on His heart for today and responding to that.

One thing we can be sure of, when we set our lives to the heartbeat of Heaven it grounds us and provides harmony to our days whether at andante or allegro speed. When we live within the call of God and His direction for our lives we find it is sustainable, enjoyable.

A Sacred Rhythm is one when Heaven is the baseline beat for our lives – our metronome.


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