If only I could turn back time… {Lent}

Do you ever wish that you could turn back time? Actually, it is a feat I achieved last week thanks to the International Date Line! Travelling from New Zealand to the States, I arrived in the States before I had actually left New Zealand! Bonus! Of course on my return I then lost a day. The… Continue reading If only I could turn back time… {Lent}

Life Lessons

The Running Man

I don't do running. When I do attempt to, it tends to end with a spectacular fall on my behalf. I have fallen running downhill, running uphill and even running on the flat. To confess, I was often wearing heels at the time, not the wisest choice for running. And truth be told these occasions were… Continue reading The Running Man

Lent · Life Lessons

The feather and the nail – {Lent}

I hold in my hands a feather and a nail. The nail is cold and heavy. I can feel the point pressing against my palm. It is man made. Strong, a tool. The feather on the other hand feels weightless. I can barely feel it in my hand. I'm more aware of it's softness than… Continue reading The feather and the nail – {Lent}