Life Lessons

The Running Man


I don’t do running. When I do attempt to, it tends to end with a spectacular fall on my behalf. I have fallen running downhill, running uphill and even running on the flat. To confess, I was often wearing heels at the time, not the wisest choice for running. And truth be told these occasions were not planned running events, rather me running late, causing me to run and then fall and consequently fail in my attempt to not be late.

I did however, do the Round the Bays marathon once, and this did involve running shoes. But this experience was no more successful. My running was adequate (I think?!) but the weather conspired against me. The rain was so torrential that it was not a pleasurable experience and as such remains my one and only attempt at a marathon.

So, needless to say my running history is not particularly notable or of any consequence.

There was a man in the Bible who ran once. One who like me I think was not prone to running. In fact for this man, it was not the done thing to run. Culturally in those days it was not acceptable for men to run.Yet this man ran, he ran hard.

So what had caused him to run?


You see this man was a father. And he had been watching and waiting in hope for his son to return home. His son had left home, inheritance in hand, for a perceived better life. He had rejected his father and the life his father had provided for him. But the father did not give up hope that his son would one day return. And so, everyday this father had watched and waited, watched and waited for his son to return home.

Then one day, he caught a glimpse of a person in the distance. A familiar person. The father did not wait, he did not hesitate for the person to come closer. He ran. He ran towards his son.

And he ran until he was embracing his son, holding him close and welcoming him home.

God is the same, whether we’ve been away from Him our whole lives or for just a little time, He is watching and waiting for us. And that moment that we first appear on the horizon, you can be sure that He is running towards us, and won’t stop until we are safe in His embrace.

Love watches and waits.

Love runs.



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