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Like Father, like Son

My 3 sons are mini versions of my husband. Similar in appearance and stance, in walk even. Their expressions are often the same, the way they tilt their heads and often how they say things. And then there's the passion for Thunderbirds and Star Wars. Ok so probably not genetic and somewhat nurtured, but still, the same. If you know… Continue reading Like Father, like Son

Life Lessons

The Running Man

I don't do running. When I do attempt to, it tends to end with a spectacular fall on my behalf. I have fallen running downhill, running uphill and even running on the flat. To confess, I was often wearing heels at the time, not the wisest choice for running. And truth be told these occasions were… Continue reading The Running Man

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See the teacher

My 5 year old son told me the other day that his teacher wanted to see me. Funny how that statement can invoke negative thoughts. Not sure why, as I was a very good kid at school so I have no bad memories, but I guess "see the teacher" means that somethings up! Anyway with… Continue reading See the teacher