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Like Father, like Son

father son

My 3 sons are mini versions of my husband. Similar in appearance and stance, in walk even. Their expressions are often the same, the way they tilt their heads and often how they say things. And then there’s the passion for Thunderbirds and Star Wars. Ok so probably not genetic and somewhat nurtured, but still, the same. If you know my boys then you definitely know my husband! They’re peas in a pod!

In the same way as my boys give people glimpses of their earthly father, Jesus came to earth to reveal His Heavenly Father to us. He was God with skin on. In John 14:9 Jesus says “Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father“. By doing only what He saw His Father in Heaven doing, Jesus imparted to us the revelation of who God is. By seeing Jesus we see the Father – we know the Father. “All His actions were earthly expressions of His Father in Heaven.” (Bill Johnson). Jesus pointed the way to the Father.

The Son is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of His being.” (Hebrews 1:3)

The challenge for us today is to do the same, through the Holy Spirit. As sons and daughters of God, as co-heirs with Christ, we too need to be revealing God. Oh that people could say that by seeing us they have seen the Father! And not dimly but clearly! The World is waiting for us to reveal Him. In our attitudes, in our actions, in our character and indeed in our daily lives we should be aspiring to do just that.

Margaret Becker wrote this song that I believe sums it up.

Lord touch my heart and center my soul
Till all I do is for You alone
Look me in the eye tell me if you see
Traces of yourself growing here in me
Tell me if you find your heart in mine
When you look me in the eye

Will God find traces of Himself in me? Will others find traces of God in me?

The world is waiting for the Sons and Daughters of God.


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