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Would someone please tell me the time!


I don’t wear a watch. I use the clock on my phone but that seems to be losing time. I know the clock in my car is fast, but I keep forgetting by how much. And I’m not sure what time the one in the kitchen is keeping to. So when it came to collect the boys from school today I had no idea whether I was early / late / right on time. Looking back I realise this has been going on for sometime. It’s why I think I’m running late to work but arrive at work and realise I am actually early. With appointments to make, a schedule to keep, it’s not wonder I’ve been getting a little flustered. And yes I need to wear a watch that tells accurate time! Hmm note to self – get that replacement battery for it!

Time. We only have a limited amount each day. Certainly not enough to fritter away worrying about what time it actually is! Seconds turn into minutes. Minutes turn into hours, and hours into days. And there we have it – “like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.” That sounds rather melodramatic, even a little soap operish…! But time is precious and passes whether we are watching the clock or not.

It may be obvious to quote Ecclesiastes 3:1 but it does say it in a nutshell – “There is a time for everything, and a season for everything under the Heavens.” To make the most of our days, to make the most of our times is to be aware of the season that we are in. It can be a season of pouring out and stepping up, a season of going wide, but just as easily it can be a season of sabbatical, of going deep. Our life will be a beautiful compilation of both. In following the Shepherd, we will find that He takes us on such a journey. We go through the valleys and the right paths, but He also takes us alongside quiet waters and green pastures. By being in tune with Him, by having Jesus to set the rhythm of our lives, we will find ourselves in the right season.

By the way, I should have known better. I was early to the school pickup. No matter, there’s a café right where I park the car. I’m taking that as a God ordained time out!

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