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The Colours of Winter

If I could be permitted to generalise about Winter, I'd say it's barren. Nothing compared to Spring for sure. Trees bare of leaves, gardens bereft of colour. Or so I thought. Venturing out to my garden between rain showers I discovered in a little corner a burst of colour. Some fiesty toadstools had taken occupation.… Continue reading The Colours of Winter


Changing Seasons – {Lent}

The calendar decrees 1 March is the first day of Autumn. It’s a definitive, set time. The appearance of Autumn however has been much more gradual and subtle signs evident before the official start of Autumn.. Leaves on trees slowly starting to change colour and fall. Acorns falling from the tree and losing their lush vibrant… Continue reading Changing Seasons – {Lent}

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How does your garden grow?

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, How does your garden grow? With silver bells, and cockle shells, And pretty maids all in a row. My garden never ceases to amaze me. There was some definite and intentional planning that went into what was planted. In each season a different plant or flower seems to take centre stage. In Summer there is a… Continue reading How does your garden grow?

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The Abrupt Arrival of Winter

  At 3am the storm hit - hail and thunder, pounding rain. And with it came the cold. Shortly after, my 4 year old clambered into our bed, feet and hands like ice blocks. Winter had announced its arrival. We knew it was coming of course. But the glorious long summer that we had been enjoying disappeared in… Continue reading The Abrupt Arrival of Winter

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Tastes of Summer

You have to love Summer. Beautiful balmy days, sunshine and beaches, lazy days and time to relax. And then there's the food - barbeques,  Frappuccino and gelato, not to mention the beautiful summer fruits. Succulent nectarines and apricots, juicy peaches and berries - strawberries, raspberries, boysenberries! And grapes. I can't forget the grapes. Absolutely love them! At this time… Continue reading Tastes of Summer

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Would someone please tell me the time!

I don't wear a watch. I use the clock on my phone but that seems to be losing time. I know the clock in my car is fast, but I keep forgetting by how much. And I'm not sure what time the one in the kitchen is keeping to. So when it came to collect the boys from… Continue reading Would someone please tell me the time!

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Times & Seasons

If I want to know what season it is, I just have to look out my window at the Oak tree in my front garden. This Oak tree embraces the seasons with unashamed boldness. In Autumn it sheds leaves with such ferocity that neighbours down the street are also sweeping up the leaves that have… Continue reading Times & Seasons